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Electronic cigarettes are the most genuine tobacco alternative as they taste, look and feel just like smoking. E-cigs are highly beneficial over the traditional cigarettes, making them the perfect smoking alternative! They have changed the lives of countless smokers and we expect they may do the same for you.


Clearette | E-Cigarette Review

Let’s start with what matters the most and that’s your wallet. If you’re going take a detour, or an alternative to smoking regular tobacco products, why start with a product that will have you...


Blu | E-Cigarette Review

As an innovative industry leader, Blu Cigs will simply not allow its quality and standards to just fade away. With each passing day, the company will make sure that it will continue to offer and...


Ever Smoke | E-Cigarette Review

EverSmoke is a fairly new brand on the market. Jumping into the fray a couple years after electronic cigarettes started becoming a part of the mainstream consciousness, EverSmoke decided to build a...


Green Smoke | E-Cigarette Review

Nowadays there are numerous electronic cigarette brands in the market; however since 2008 among the topmost innovative brands have been the one I’ll talk about today. Being one of the most...


V2 Cigs | E-Cigarette Review

Let me start by saying that V2 is my 3rd and current brand of e-cig, the other two of which I intend to review as well(separate threads, eventually). This review is based off of two weeks with the...


Njoy | E-Cigarette Review

Many e cigs are promoted at a crowd that wants to keep smoking but take advantage of exotic flavors and trendy styles of cigs. They are quite happy to vape using the electronic products that are...